The Practice Innovation Institute prepares and enables Arizona providers for successful participation in value-based, alternative payment arrangements. It encourages and assists providers with the integration and coordination of services, improving population health and promoting patient engagement through shared decision making. Through this practice innovation, providers and their patients will advance the Triple Aim of better health, better care and lower costs.



The Practice Innovation Institute provides outreach, education, coaching and direct assistance with processes and workflows to move participating providers through these five phases or milestones:


Phase One:

Setting aims and developing basic capabilities


Phase Two:

Reporting and using data to generate improvements


Phase Three:

Achieving aims of lower costs, better care, and better health


Phase Four:

Getting to benchmark status, and


Phase Five:

Demonstrating capability to generate better care and better health at lower cost.



The Practice Innovation Institute provides these rewards for participating providers and the community:

  • Efficient workflows and improved care coordination

  • Better patient outcomes and enhanced patient experience

  • Financial success in value-based health care participation

  • Smarter spending and healthier communities


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