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  • TCPI Power Packs – Power Packs are examples of innovative transformational accomplishments at the practice level. Each Power Pack solves a specific challenge that a practice might face as it begins the process of clinical practice transformation. Power Packs lead by example by demonstrating specific pathways to resolve healthcare delivery challenges. The Power Packs were developed by large membership organizations and CMS to spread practice transformation to clinicians, practices, and partner organizations.
  • Patient & Family Engagement – Person/Patient and Family Engagement, or PFE, is a way to describe people, their families, and health professionals working together in collaboration. PFE builds relationships between the individual seeking care and the provider (and healthcare system). It shapes care around the individual needs. PFE is critical during every interaction with the healthcare provider across the entire healthcare industry—hospital, community, rehabilitative center, ambulatory care, primary care. This page focuses on PFE in practice settings.