Mini “Pii” Sessions are hosted by Pii occur and allow the sharing of experiences to build collaboration among our Practice Transformation Network.  Each session focuses on a selected topic where practices are encouraged to ask questions, share their experiences, provide feedback, and share useful best practices that have been effective within their organization.


Finished Mini “Pii” Sessions

Follow the links to view notes from the sessions and slides presented.

February 6, 2019          “Autism: When Therapeutic Intervention is Needed”

February 20, 2019        “Person and Family Engagement: Quality Improvement Process”

March 6, 2019               “Workflow and Documentation Innovation”

March 20, 2019              “Translating Strategic Initiatives to Office Visit Workflow”

April 10, 2019                 “Integrated Healthcare Team Development: Closing Care Gaps”

April 24, 2019                Patient Activation: How to Reach the Unresponsive

May 8, 2019                    “Closing Care Gaps and Managing Patient Panels

May 22, 2019                Collaborative Approach in Managing the High Risk Diabetic Patient in a Patient-Centered Medical Home

June 12, 2019                The Retreat Model

June 26, 2019              Community Building in the Healthcare Neighborhood

July 24, 2019            Mobile Crisis Units

August 14, 2019          Team Approach to Reducing Hospital Utilization

August 28, 2019          Joy in the Workplace

September 11, 2019   Integrated Health Treatment Planning and Implementation